The Risks Involved in Ecommerce Platform Migration

The Risks Involved in Ecommerce Platform Migration

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The Risks Involved in Ecommerce Platform Migration

More than 25% of our ecommerce site owners, at some point, experience dropping their sales from millions to nothing after migrating from one ecommerce platform to another. Some seek help restoring their revenue SEO ranking and traffic after getting their ecommerce site redesigned. Almost every developer can redesign your site but there aren’t many who can preserve the SEO ranking and the daily visitor count after a redesigning an ecommerce site. There aren’t many who can migrate platforms and maintain the SEO reputation, revenue, and traffic.

More than 30% of WordPress website owners seek help at some point to restore their broken site after updating the WordPress version or the WordPress theme used. 90% of developers out there can customize a WordPress theme or do advanced php edits to the WordPress content management system. Do you know that there are not many who can do this in such a way that the theme or the CMS will not break when content management system is updated?

Surprisingly 90% of business owners who are looking to get an ecommerce site developed reach web development companies unprepared and empty handed. 99.9% of web development companies, greet such client with wide open arms and initiate a project without giving any constructive criticism to the client for not being prepared and do not utter a word that there is not enough details for them to complete the project. They do this simply because; they will lose the client if they criticize the client. You know the consequences after that?

Don’t just hire those who claim that they are the best.

We are skilled, experienced, knowledgeable and have a proven track record of reiterating and successfully completing over 100 failed and abandoned projects.

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How to Maintain Standards When Customizing a WordPress Theme

How to Maintain Standards When Customizing a WordPress Theme

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How to maintain standards when customizing a WordPress Theme

WordPress is the world’s top content management system provider. WordPress reports that there are more than 23.6 billion pages being read by over 409 million people every day. There are 69.5 million new posts created and 46.8 million new comments generated every month. Giant websites and news organizations such as Forbes Magazine, New Yorker, the BBC, and more are also using WordPress. Certainly, these figures prove that WordPress is very powerful tool for entrepreneurs.

To date, there are lots of WordPress themes available online, free and paid options. So how do you choose a theme that suits your business? In this article, we will discuss the importance of maintaining standards when customizing a WordPress Theme and the risk of poor customization.

  1. Always use updated themes, plugin or core files

WordPress regularly updates its core files to ensure stability and security among its users. Regular updating of WordPress themes and plugins is necessary to prevent vulnerable hacking and attack from malicious software. Consequently, you have to be mindful of the age and compatibility of any software you install on your WordPress site.

Moving forward, editing theme files and WordPress core is highly discouraged. Anything you customize with WordPress can be overwritten by future updates. Also, hosting non WordPress images, HTML and PHP in your site as these can cause problems when restoring your backup files. Keep in mind that WordPress only backup files from its WordPress content directory.

  1. Never Use pirated Software

A serious blogger or entrepreneur never uses anything that is pirated or illegally acquired. It’s much better to invest rather than regret later. Most importantly, this is your website and your brand, using pirated software can pose security issues on your website sooner or later.

  1. Invest on your WordPress Theme – Buy themes and plugins from reputable developers

Buying an extension license for your WordPress theme won’t hurt you. The minimal cost, you will spend today will help generate sustainable income for you. Also, this will ensure security and support on your end.

  1. Use a child theme or custom CSS

It is highly recommended to use a child theme or custom CSS for your website for the reason that WordPress allows you to make changes to your current theme while preserving your custom code. A child theme is like any other theme except it is able to inherit all of the functionality and front-end structure from Layers while including its own special styles and functions.  Using Child Theme is best for re-styling your theme without using various customizer controls or other plugins, adding custom page templates, custom post types, Layers Builder Widgets.  Finally, WordPress Child Theme is easy to extend and allows a great deal of flexibility without writing a lot of code. You can select and modify template files and functions, add new functionality and many more.

Poorly customized themes can make it difficult to change themes or use other WordPress plugins. Even if you know enough about WordPress, theme customization can be risky and may damage your highest potential to generate revenue.

The good news is you can have a profit oriented website without knowing all these technical stuff about WordPress. Yes, that’s right – your business can move on with a great looking website, follows customization standards and synchronizes with your vision for your business. Living Dreams Web Development Solutions Australia can help you with your WordPress theme customization. We are a team of innovative experts providing Web Development and E-commerce solutions.  Our work is devoted to helping small and medium-scaled businesses to perform, profit, and grow. We specialize in Website Development, E-commerce, CRM Integrations and more.

Our technical team, web development and design experts can provide you with the theme customization support you needed. Our support system will ensure that you will not encounter serious downtime for your website.  We also guarantee that you will receive active updates for your WordPress theme as this is highly important for your website’s security.

5 deadly Mistakes to Avoid During Woocommerce Platform Migration

5 deadly Mistakes to Avoid During Woocommerce Platform Migration

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5 deadly mistakes to avoid during ecommerce platform migration

Today’s E-commerce is highly complex and continuously evolving. Entrepreneurs have to constantly update their current platforms to suit current online trends. An E-commerce platform that generated sales in previous years may not be as productive today. E-commerce platform migration is most frequently an option among entrepreneurs. Conversely, migrating from one platform to another is a critical and challenging process.

Migrating to a new platform for better performance can dramatically affect SEO ranking, daily visitor count, traffic and most importantly the revenue of the company.  Of course, you can’t just delete all your hard work due to this vital decision. Fortunately, Living Dream Web Development Solutions Australia can help you with this high risk and crucial process.

If you are planning to change your current website platform, we highly recommend that you read the list of critical mistakes that you should avoid.


 Mistake No.1: Not Planning Enough

Moving from one E-commerce platform to another do not only affect your SEO ranking or traffic, but it impacts the whole operation of your business. Your employees and your customers are equally affected during this transition process. Hence, not having a complete and strategic plan can jeopardize everything. A business plan that covers the entire process involved in the E-commerce platform migration should be carefully mapped out. Everything should be included in the planning such as process emails, setting up metrics, organizing and migrating catalog, product data, deep analytic capabilities, data mining solutions, price optimization, dynamic pricing, promotion and campaign optimization on a global scale, training and development of your staff members and more.  Your business plan should also include an analysis of the systems to be kept and improved from the previous platform.


Mistake No. 2: Not working with a Professional Web Development Company

Decreased sales is one of the most painful effect of website migration. This scenario can be devastating, but can be avoided only if e-commerce website owners choose to work with a trusted web development company with a proven track record. Keep in mind that not all web development providers can restore SEO ranking, Google authority, daily visitor count, traffic and profit. Consequently, make sure that you only work with a company who will not leave you empty handed with zero sales after your website platform migration.


Mistake No. 3 Going Live without validation and testing

The set-up, framework, plugins, customized codes and over all functionality of the new WooCommerce website should be extensively validated and tested before going live.


Mistake No. 4: Not seeking SEO Help from Professionals.

Search Engine Optimization is highly important for e-commerce. As mentioned previously, SEO performance is critical during website migration. Lots of e-commerce websites who opted to do their SEO overhaul after launching the new site have already damaged their previous SEO ranking. For that reason, hiring an SEO expert to help retain important number of links attributed to the site during the migration process is a smart and strategic step.


Mistake No. 5: Forgetting to inform your Customers

Alerting your customers is key to a successful e-commerce platform migration. You worked hard to build a long term relationship with your customers. They love your products and services. They are also familiar with your website functionalities. But, now you are moving to a new platform and you have to bring them with you. How will you do that? It’s actually very simple, you have to inform your customers prior to launching your new website. Let your customers know about your plan and your purpose for moving. Let them know about the advantages and the benefits they can gain from your new platform. Your marketing department should really work hard and be creative enough in this process.

Living Dream Web Development Solutions Australia can handle all the headache during your migration. We will handle everything from the design, development, and maintenance services. We will manage your e-commerce platform migration so that you can take good care of the more important aspects of your business. Our top notch website development team will ensure that your new WooCommerce website covers the most important functions and features of your original online store. Our team will guarantee that you will keep and further enhance your SEO ranking, traffic, and daily visitors to increase sales.

We have a proven track record with E-commerce development and our customers are satisfied with our work. Our technical expertise in E-commerce designing has already helped thousands of companies reach their highest potential.

Advise from Top Ecommerce Developers in Tannum Sands, Boyne Island and Gladstone Region

Advise from Top Ecommerce Developers in Tannum Sands, Boyne Island and Gladstone Region

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Five tips to make your e-Commerce website successful

Entrepreneurs need to fully embrace digital commerce in order to thrive in today’s highly complex online commerce. These days, most people prefer online shopping rather than taking the time to physically go shopping. Traditional stores without online presence need to invest in their e-commerce development to widen their online marketing efforts.  Recently, Payless Shoe Store declared that they will be closing down their 378 stores due to bankruptcy. They are hopeful to regain losses by investing on their online presence by extending their efforts on online sellers such as Amazon and Zappos.

Consequently, embracing digital commerce is not just an option but a must for every business.

So what are the features that make an e-commerce website successful? Absolutely, anyone can build a website as there are lots of code-free, drag and drop website builders available. However, for anyone who are really serious to jumpstart a successful Woocommerce Website such as Prestatshop website or Shopify website then there’s a need to seek help from a professional web development company. Keep in mind that building an E-commerce needs resources such as time and money. Building an E-commerce website is expensive. However, the ROI from this investment cannot be undervalued.

We have listed top tips to make your E-Commerce Successful.

  1. Capital Investment

Before investing in anything, your goals and objectives should be in place. You have a clear vision of what you want and the things you want to achieve prior to building your website. Take careful consideration on the nature of your business, the size of your company, the complexity of your development, your budget, time frame and many more.

An Intensive planning with your chosen Web Development Company is recommended to map out all the requirements to start-up your e-commerce. For the initial planning, we suggest that you review the most important aspects when starting your online store such as merchant accounts, payment gateways, security protocols that protect consumer information, payment card industry compliance, sales tax, shipping, product details and others.

  1. Designing Your Online Store

When you look at your competition such as Alibaba, Amazon, Walmart and Target you may want to give up as early as now. Nonetheless, you don’t have to look at these giant online markets. What’s important is to build your own brand that can give value to customers. Your web design needs crucial and strategic planning, for example, on how to best organize your products, what types of user-friendly tools will you add to the website, and product details.

  1. Information Architecture

This aspect of your WooCommerce website entails the overall conceptual models and general designs used to plan, structure, and assemble your e-store. In this part of the website, the design, editorial and technical team works together to come up with a specific design that harmonizes with the goals and objectives of your business plan.

  1. Search

The search button on your E-commerce platform equally plays an important role as this can improve your conversion rates. User friendly search button makes your customers happy and make them come back to your site and order again.

  1. Product Detail Pages

If you have a well-designed product detail page, then your chances of becoming successful is highly expected. Keep in mind that the product page is where the actual purchase happens. Think like a customer when working on this page. Carefully design and provide excellent information for your product name, images, price, buy button, description (size, materials, length, weight, color, etc.), quantity, availability, delivery information, related products and social media.

Designing an E-commerce is a laborious task that you really need to invest your time and money in order to launch a successful online business. The web design, home page, product page and all aspects from credit card payments to shipping requires intensive planning and technical expertise. The great news is you don’t have to do all these strenuous tasks as Living Dreams Web Development Solutions Australia is here for you. We are a creative agency with a passion for development. Our team is composed of innovative experts providing Web Development and E-commerce Solutions. Our work is devoted to helping small and medium-scaled businesses to perform, profit, and grow. We specialize in Website Development, E-commerce, CRM Integrations and more.

Developer Insights – Introducing the Avada Theme

Developer Insights – Introducing the Avada Theme

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Key useful features of WordPress Avada Theme for your Business

If you are you looking for a theme that is best suited for your basic blog, news magazine, or online shop, we highly recommend the WordPress Avada Theme. Currently, Avada is the top selling theme for more than four years now with over 200,000 purchases. It’s the most trusted and complete WordPress theme on the market which offers top-notch options and tools. The unlimited designs, responsive framework and fantastic support continue to win the hearts of bloggers, entrepreneurs and internet users around the world.

Avada Theme is great for any purpose whether it’s for an online portfolio, promoting an offline business, news magazine, or any content-rich website.

The following are the key features of the WordPress Avada Theme:

  • Pre-built Demo Websites

Avada has an enormous selection of pre-built demo websites which you can use anytime with just a few clicks. You can easily and quickly import an entire demo site, and then simply add your content. Currently, Avada version 4 has 18 demo versions which includes agency, photography, gym, café, hotel, architecture, travel, lifestyle, fashion, and multiple online shop website demos.

  • Fusion Builder

Avada allows you to easily edit layouts with its drag-and-drop page builder tool for WordPress. You can also save your own custom layouts for reuse in the future within your website. Likewise, the Fusion Shortcodes feature enables you to choose an element you would like to add to your content, and then customize it as to how it will look and function. Some examples are customizable alerts, countdown timers, maps, recent posts, lists, videos, and much more.

  • Pre-Build Page Layouts

The drag-and-drop interface of the Avada Theme has lots of excellent pre-built templates making it easier to design your site.

  • Theme Options

With Avada 4.0 theme options control panel, you can customize your website’s layout, menu sizing, color scheme, header layout, etc. easily and quickly. Absolutely, you can design your site just the way you like it.

Moving forward, if you are looking for a great designer to help you with your Avada theme customization, Living Dreams Web Development Solutions has the best Avada theme customization experts to date. They are the leading web design company with a proven track record. They have the best web designers and technical experts in the field of web development and web design. Their goal is to help small and medium sized businesses to achieve their business goals through well-designed websites. Living Dreams strongly believe that great websites can positively increase revenue.

Living Dreams Web Development Solutions do not only give you remarkable website designs that attracts customers, but most importantly for search engines as well. We also help in monitoring your website and give you the necessary updates to ensure that your sites remains updated and profitable.

Advise from Top Divi Theme Developers in Tannum Sands, Boyne Island and Gladstone Region

Advise from Top Divi Theme Developers in Tannum Sands, Boyne Island and Gladstone Region

wordpress_developers_ central-queensland_divi_them

Benefits of using WordPress Divi Theme for your e-Commerce site

The famous saying, first impressions last forever also applies to e-Commerce sites. With the millions of e-commerce websites available, you only have a few seconds to hook a potential customer to stay longer and purchase from your site.

The visual design of your website is certainly of equal importance just like the quality of the products you promote.

The WordPress Divi Theme is very timely to address not only the aesthetic need of your website, but providing you with impressive tools to help you increase sales as well. In fact, WordPress Divi Theme is today’s top most premium theme in the world! As a digital marketer, you cannot afford not to look at its outstanding features.

In this article we’ll look at four (4) specific factors that makes your e-Commerce site stand out with a WordPress Divi Theme.

  1. Instant Design

WordPress Divi Theme comes with a visual editor which allows you to design your website just the way you wanted. You don’t have to worry about coding anymore as you can design your pages creatively in flexible layouts. You can easily adjust fonts, colors, sizing and more. The drag-and-drop capability is also an excellent capability.

  1. Responsive Design

Experience live responsive previews and apply customer changes to particular mobile breakpoints. A responsive website allows your target audience and customers to easily view and navigate through your pages using their mobile devices such as tablets and phones.

  1. Divi Leads

For digital entrepreneurs, we understand that it is crucial for you to figure out how well you are converting your traffic. Happily, Divi has a built up A/B testing or split testing system that allows you to test and measure your website stats.

  1. Great for e-Commerce Branding

Making your website stunning helps in building your eCommerce brand. Divi can help you establish a longstanding and likable brand with your audience. Through the Divi Builder’s content elements, you can easily mix, match and build. The sky is the limit with the design and layout you like.

Certainly, WordPress Divi Theme is highly recommended for your business!  For additional website customization or design, Living Dreams Web Development Solutions has the best Divi theme customization experts to help you.

Living Dreams Web Development Solutions is a highly regarded web development and web designer company based in Australia. They provide web design, redesign, maintenance, SEO, e-commerce platform migration, and more.  Let us manage your website functionalities so you could take good care of the other important aspects of your business.