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How to maintain standards when customizing a WordPress Theme

WordPress is the world’s top content management system provider. WordPress reports that there are more than 23.6 billion pages being read by over 409 million people every day. There are 69.5 million new posts created and 46.8 million new comments generated every month. Giant websites and news organizations such as Forbes Magazine, New Yorker, the BBC, and more are also using WordPress. Certainly, these figures prove that WordPress is very powerful tool for entrepreneurs.

To date, there are lots of WordPress themes available online, free and paid options. So how do you choose a theme that suits your business? In this article, we will discuss the importance of maintaining standards when customizing a WordPress Theme and the risk of poor customization.

  1. Always use updated themes, plugin or core files

WordPress regularly updates its core files to ensure stability and security among its users. Regular updating of WordPress themes and plugins is necessary to prevent vulnerable hacking and attack from malicious software. Consequently, you have to be mindful of the age and compatibility of any software you install on your WordPress site.

Moving forward, editing theme files and WordPress core is highly discouraged. Anything you customize with WordPress can be overwritten by future updates. Also, hosting non WordPress images, HTML and PHP in your site as these can cause problems when restoring your backup files. Keep in mind that WordPress only backup files from its WordPress content directory.

  1. Never Use pirated Software

A serious blogger or entrepreneur never uses anything that is pirated or illegally acquired. It’s much better to invest rather than regret later. Most importantly, this is your website and your brand, using pirated software can pose security issues on your website sooner or later.

  1. Invest on your WordPress Theme – Buy themes and plugins from reputable developers

Buying an extension license for your WordPress theme won’t hurt you. The minimal cost, you will spend today will help generate sustainable income for you. Also, this will ensure security and support on your end.

  1. Use a child theme or custom CSS

It is highly recommended to use a child theme or custom CSS for your website for the reason that WordPress allows you to make changes to your current theme while preserving your custom code. A child theme is like any other theme except it is able to inherit all of the functionality and front-end structure from Layers while including its own special styles and functions.  Using Child Theme is best for re-styling your theme without using various customizer controls or other plugins, adding custom page templates, custom post types, Layers Builder Widgets.  Finally, WordPress Child Theme is easy to extend and allows a great deal of flexibility without writing a lot of code. You can select and modify template files and functions, add new functionality and many more.

Poorly customized themes can make it difficult to change themes or use other WordPress plugins. Even if you know enough about WordPress, theme customization can be risky and may damage your highest potential to generate revenue.

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