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The Risks Involved in Ecommerce Platform Migration

More than 25% of our ecommerce site owners, at some point, experience dropping their sales from millions to nothing after migrating from one ecommerce platform to another. Some seek help restoring their revenue SEO ranking and traffic after getting their ecommerce site redesigned. Almost every developer can redesign your site but there aren’t many who can preserve the SEO ranking and the daily visitor count after a redesigning an ecommerce site. There aren’t many who can migrate platforms and maintain the SEO reputation, revenue, and traffic.

More than 30% of WordPress website owners seek help at some point to restore their broken site after updating the WordPress version or the WordPress theme used. 90% of developers out there can customize a WordPress theme or do advanced php edits to the WordPress content management system. Do you know that there are not many who can do this in such a way that the theme or the CMS will not break when content management system is updated?

Surprisingly 90% of business owners who are looking to get an ecommerce site developed reach web development companies unprepared and empty handed. 99.9% of web development companies, greet such client with wide open arms and initiate a project without giving any constructive criticism to the client for not being prepared and do not utter a word that there is not enough details for them to complete the project. They do this simply because; they will lose the client if they criticize the client. You know the consequences after that?

Don’t just hire those who claim that they are the best.

We are skilled, experienced, knowledgeable and have a proven track record of reiterating and successfully completing over 100 failed and abandoned projects.

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