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Five tips to make your e-Commerce website successful

Entrepreneurs need to fully embrace digital commerce in order to thrive in today’s highly complex online commerce. These days, most people prefer online shopping rather than taking the time to physically go shopping. Traditional stores without online presence need to invest in their e-commerce development to widen their online marketing efforts.  Recently, Payless Shoe Store declared that they will be closing down their 378 stores due to bankruptcy. They are hopeful to regain losses by investing on their online presence by extending their efforts on online sellers such as Amazon and Zappos.

Consequently, embracing digital commerce is not just an option but a must for every business.

So what are the features that make an e-commerce website successful? Absolutely, anyone can build a website as there are lots of code-free, drag and drop website builders available. However, for anyone who are really serious to jumpstart a successful Woocommerce Website such as Prestatshop website or Shopify website then there’s a need to seek help from a professional web development company. Keep in mind that building an E-commerce needs resources such as time and money. Building an E-commerce website is expensive. However, the ROI from this investment cannot be undervalued.

We have listed top tips to make your E-Commerce Successful.

  1. Capital Investment

Before investing in anything, your goals and objectives should be in place. You have a clear vision of what you want and the things you want to achieve prior to building your website. Take careful consideration on the nature of your business, the size of your company, the complexity of your development, your budget, time frame and many more.

An Intensive planning with your chosen Web Development Company is recommended to map out all the requirements to start-up your e-commerce. For the initial planning, we suggest that you review the most important aspects when starting your online store such as merchant accounts, payment gateways, security protocols that protect consumer information, payment card industry compliance, sales tax, shipping, product details and others.

  1. Designing Your Online Store

When you look at your competition such as Alibaba, Amazon, Walmart and Target you may want to give up as early as now. Nonetheless, you don’t have to look at these giant online markets. What’s important is to build your own brand that can give value to customers. Your web design needs crucial and strategic planning, for example, on how to best organize your products, what types of user-friendly tools will you add to the website, and product details.

  1. Information Architecture

This aspect of your WooCommerce website entails the overall conceptual models and general designs used to plan, structure, and assemble your e-store. In this part of the website, the design, editorial and technical team works together to come up with a specific design that harmonizes with the goals and objectives of your business plan.

  1. Search

The search button on your E-commerce platform equally plays an important role as this can improve your conversion rates. User friendly search button makes your customers happy and make them come back to your site and order again.

  1. Product Detail Pages

If you have a well-designed product detail page, then your chances of becoming successful is highly expected. Keep in mind that the product page is where the actual purchase happens. Think like a customer when working on this page. Carefully design and provide excellent information for your product name, images, price, buy button, description (size, materials, length, weight, color, etc.), quantity, availability, delivery information, related products and social media.

Designing an E-commerce is a laborious task that you really need to invest your time and money in order to launch a successful online business. The web design, home page, product page and all aspects from credit card payments to shipping requires intensive planning and technical expertise. The great news is you don’t have to do all these strenuous tasks as Living Dreams Web Development Solutions Australia is here for you. We are a creative agency with a passion for development. Our team is composed of innovative experts providing Web Development and E-commerce Solutions. Our work is devoted to helping small and medium-scaled businesses to perform, profit, and grow. We specialize in Website Development, E-commerce, CRM Integrations and more.