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Living Dreams Web Development Services is a business entity based in Sydney which offers a range of services to help small and medium-scale businesses to perform, profit and grow. We are specialists in e-Commerce, web application development, implementing business process automation solutions and website designing.


Living Dreams Web Development Services is a business entity based in Sydney which offers a range of services to help small and medium-scale businesses to perform, profit and grow. We are specialists in e-Commerce, web application development, implementing business process automation solutions and website designing.

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Tomorrow’s Technology, Today.
  • HTML/CSS to WordPress Theme Conversion
  • Authorize.Net, Stripe and Paypal payment Gateway Integration
  • WordPress Custom Post Type and Advanced Custom Fields integration
  • JavaScript Validations and Form Integrations
  • Visual Data Manipulation Using JavaScript
  • Ecommerce Platform Migration and Data Migration
  • Website Redesign and SEO Rank Preservation
  • Website Migrate to Divi Theme
  • Shopify to Woocommerce Migration
  • Woocommerce to Shopify Migration
  • PSD to WordPress Website Development
  • PSD to Avada Theme Conversion
  • PSD to Divi Theme Conversion
  • Website Migrate to Divi Theme
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Living Dreams - Star Rating

icon-greyRockatar Music Academy operates Music Schools in the Tampa Bay area of Florida. We have been working with the team at Living Dreams for the past six years. During that time, they developed an online music theory education website and our primary Rockatar Academy website including both technical and content updates. During 2016, we worked with the team to completely redesign our primary site using the latest technology with updated content and graphics. In addition, Living Dreams developed an online Summer Camp Registration function which enables us offer completely automated registration and payment for our popular Summer Music Camps. Once registration is completed and payment processed, an automated greeting and Camp information is sent to parents.

The Living Dreams Development Team is excellent, offering high quality work at reasonable prices. Madu De Silva is an experienced and talented Project Manager and Nimesha Bandara is a world-class software architect. My background before co-founding Rockatar was working in the Silicon Valley tech industry and Living Dreams is the best offshore Development Team I have ever worked with. Also, of great importance when working with an offshore team are communications and integrity and both of these important issues are first rate with this Group.

You can trust your most important projects to Living Dreams as I have done for years.

From rockster-music-ac to Living Dreams

– Stephen Bennion, CEO and Studio Director –

Living Dreams - Star Rating

icon-greyI am pleased to provide this recommendation for Living Dreams. Their team have performed excellent work for Sequoia Records since February 2015 and continuing. During Living Dreams work with us I have interacted with them frequently and depend on them with confidence. I appreciate their can-do attitude, their strong organizational skills and their ability to get the job done with grace under pressure.Living Dreams have helped us plan and implement our new ecommerce website, incorporating new features, debugging, and implementing effective solutions for multiple challenges.In addition, they have provided valuable technical support to the rest of our websiteproduction team.The Living Dreams team are skilled in a wide range of website and ecommercetechnologies and platforms. For our projects, their work included PHP, HTML, CSS,Wordpress, Woocommerce, Javascript, and Jquery. In closing, let me say I have no hesitation in recommending Living Dreams for any projects they choose to pursue. I feel confident they would be a strong and valuable asset to your organization. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions inthis regard.

From LightofMind to Living Dreams

– Steve Gordon, Co-Founder –

Living Dreams - Star Rating

icon-greyLiving Dreams are innovative professionals who work with their clients every step of the way to ensure you meet your online marketing objective. They are passionate about delivering an exceptional standard of work with a fast turnaround time.

From outsidethebox to Living Dreams

– Tracy Degoumois –

Living Dreams - Star Rating

icon-greyTotally pleased with the new, improved website. It has a modern look and feel. I have had a number of people comment on how much they like the content. Her team was flexible in making numerous changes and getting the “look” that I needed for the photos. I would strongly recommend her for wordpress websites. Thanks for everything.

From Athena's_Workshop to Living Dreams

– Helen Levy-Myers –

Living Dreams - Star Rating

icon-greyNimesha and her team have been one of my go-to partners for a number of months now and I cannot recommend them highly enough.Unlike many web development companies, Living Dreams always go above and beyond to ensure fantastic work every time, the work is always on budget, to the brief and produced on time.What I particularly like is that Nimesha really cares about the projects her team are working on and gives her expert opinions if she thinks something can be done better, we had this on a recent project we collaborated on and thanks to her ideas the end product was far superior to the original brief.Highly recommended!

Aaron – Managing Director of a UK based Digital Marketing Agency

– Aaron Rudman-Hawkins –

Living Dreams - Star Rating

icon-greyI have worked with Nimesha on several projects and I am always impressed with her efficiency and professionalism. She goes the extra mile to ensure that I am happy. Her strengths are the speed at which she delivers, her availability and support throughout the process, and her knowledge. I would highly recommend her services.

From fulllifecoach to Living Dreams

– Jacqui O’Bree –

Living Dreams - Star Rating

icon-greyWe’ve used Living Dreams for over 3 years now on many complex web development projects.  After the first couple successful small projects, we engaged them for two full-scale ecommerce site designs.  One task involved many months of development of a very complex visual rendering project.

We were impressed by Living Dreams’ top developer talent, attention to detail, response time and attentive project management.  They really cared about the result, and took the time to understand our business needs, not just the technical details of web design.

Over the years the folks at Living Dreams have become an integral part of our team, acting as a sort of outsourced developer department.  They have made many valuable technical recommendations and we’ve continued to contract them for ongoing maintenance between major projects.

From newwiremarine to Living Dreams

– Eric Steele –

Living Dreams - Star Rating

icon-greyI would have given 6 stars if possible. Excellent communication and technical competences, job achieved on the spot. We will definitely go back to them and keep collaborating. No surprises also on the accounting management. Great Experience and perfect delivery

From Andrew_Alliance to Living Dreams

– Piero Zucchelli –

Living Dreams - Star Rating

icon-greyVery easy to work with. Very talented at what she does and she will make whatever you have in mind work! A pleasure to work with. Thanks Nimesha!

From sassi to Living Dreams

– Jennifer Magnatta –

Living Dreams - Star Rating

icon-greyNimesha is the best web developer I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with.  She’s responsive, competent, and efficient.  Highly recommended!


– Ozan Varol –

Living Dreams - Star Rating

icon-greyUpon seeing all the 5* reviews and talking with Nimesha, I knew that she was the one for my project. She is 100% knowledgeable of the subject matter, she will tell you what works and what is the most effective way to do things (it may not always be what you want to hear, but listen to her, she really knows what she is talking about). Most importantly, Nimesha is honest – This is one of the most important qualities I look for when working with outside contractors. I would highly recommend Nimesha and will definitely be using her in the future!

From masoncottage to Living Dreams

– Kim Gilbert –

Living Dreams - Star Rating

icon-greyNimesha is easy to work with and does a great job, quickly! She has completed a variety of projects for us, from designing entire sites to small (and big) fixes. We look forward to continuing working with her in the future!

– Nicole Levy –

Living Dreams - Star Rating

icon-greyHave been using this team of developers for the past 18+mths, over numerous projects. Not only is the work always top quality, but the honesty and promptness with communication makes them the best development team I’ve worked with (and I’ve worked with many).

– Sam Page –

Living Dreams - Star Rating

icon-greyThis is the second time I have worked with Nimesha, and again she is light years ahead of any other contractors. She has the capacity to quickly understand my desired outcomes, and to identify the most efficient & effective path to that. That makes working with her such a pleasure, I don’t need to be literal as she will suggest the most appropriate actions (I don’t need to work it all out!) Her communication is exceptional, and she is fast & thorough. Another stellar experience (and my website is super fast now!) Thanks so much Nimesha.

From thesugardoctor to Living Dreams

– Tara Whitewood – sugar doctor –

Living Dreams - Star Rating

icon-greyNimesha is great to work with. She has done amazing work building my website Nimesha always has really prompt responses and always hits the creative brief. I would definitely recommend working with Nimesha for your website needs.”

From travelcouple to Living Dreams

– Kathy Gecas –

Living Dreams - Star Rating

icon-greyI have worked on 4 previous web designs with website designers before this project. Because of what I had learned about working with designers in the past I had very clear and demanding requirements for the web designer this time. One of the biggest problems I had before was the designer not meeting deadlines so the project went on much longer than promised. The other problem had been poor communication from the designer. This experience was the opposite on all levels. Great communication about what was happening and when I could expect it and meeting those time frames over and over. Wow! Treated the way you want to be treated throughout the process. Needless to say, I am incredibly happy with the service and highly recommend this designer. I am about to start a new web design for a new business and will be using them for that design as well.

From jeffwortham to Living Dreams

– Jeff Wortham –

Living Dreams - Star Rating

icon-greyNimesha is an excellent communicator. She offers suggestions if she sees a problem, even if it is outside the scope of the current job. Knows her work and delivers on time. Highly recommended!

– Carla Pyle –

Living Dreams - Star Rating

icon-greyWe enjoy working with the Living Dreams Team. They are dedicated to the task in hand and have an attention to detail. They deliver on time & budget. The results speak for themselves.

From alchemyst to Living Dreams

– Stephan Saunders –


So, you have finally come to a decision that your business needs a website. Or perhaps, you want your already existing website to be upgraded. Well, this is no rocket science. We will provide you with a layout of how little effort and money you can spend on this new adventure of business advancement. The power to make it a success lies only within you.

For a beginner, you might not have a clue of what is entailed in the process of making a website. However, you should note that for the best website, you have to be very patient and detailed oriented. The process is gradual, and you have to be very attentive as you will not have a website overnight. The following lessons apply even to those that have had websites before.


We are readily available to work on your website. We do this on a daily basis, so you as the client needs to prepare to walk through this journey that is estranged to you. However, not to say that we know it all, we always learn as we advance our skills as we work with new clients often. You need to be aware of what is most useful for your website, just as you prepare a shopping list before you go shopping.

As much as we are responsible enough to ascertain that we deliver your interests, you deserve a website that is worth every bit of your money. Being prepared gives you a chance to ensure that you get your job done to satisfaction.


To avoid a lot of questions and get more involved in the designing of your website, you need to approach us as prepared as you can. This will save a lot on time going back and forth trying to figure out what you require for your website. Think of it in the lines that, our job is to give exactly what you ask from us. Failure to understand what you want will make it quite difficult for us to produce perfect results.

Engage us in your business, likes and dislikes, if you are selling items on your website, let us know what they are and how many they are and the services you provide, for instance, shipping.

It is our responsibility to ask you all the questions for a desirable result. Take a scenario that you approached us wanting a website. We tell you, yes; we will make it happen. Won’t you ask us how that will happen, knowing we are not aware of what you are into as a business or a corporation?

Being prepared will provide us with an easy task designing and creating your website, not leaving out important information that you need on the site. Both of us will end up with happy results.

Developing a website is not as easy as an overnight task. It requires a lot of input from the website’s owner and our team so as to display the exact intention of the site. It is more than you can imagine and for a successful website, you need to be very prepared.


Knowing what your website is about helping a great deal to you and your visitors. They will be able to discover what your focus is about. Are you informing people about your business? Do you want them to get involved in your business? Are you selling products on your website? Do you want to show your creativity to people?

Find out what other websites in your field have that make their websites interesting and take notes of what you love. Do you want that for your website?

The domain name that you pick says a lot about your website. Having a simple and right to the point name makes it easy for visitors to know what your website is all about. Your domain name also plays a significant role in describing your website. Incorporate the role of your website in your domain name.

After a lot of research, you have an idea of the website design that you find most suited for you. List down what you like about the websites that you have found suitable. You can even have a sketch of the outlook so that you can realize ideas that you would like to incorporate on your website.

Your website should be able to tell visitors what you are about. They should also want to stay on the website and learn more about you. You can only achieve this by keeping them engaged and interested with compelling content. You do not have to have a lot of pages; just keep it short, simple and exciting. This way you will capture the visitors’ attention. However, do not miss the point of your website.

If your website involves selling products, images and incisive descriptions will do you a lot of good.

Get professional photographers if you are planning to have your own images. They will provide you with high-quality photographs which are relevant for your website. Failure to which, you will end up with an ugly internet site. If you are getting your images from the internet, find out where to buy the best from Google. High-quality images give a good look to your website and ultimately, more conversions.

A logo makes you own a brand that is recognizable. If you do not know how to make it, find out how. If you want one to be created for you, show a clear objective.

If you have not set a time limit for the creation of your website, it may take ages to complete the process of creating one. You should have results on different milestones periodically. When you do this, you will not have to be overwhelmed with different tasks at once.



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