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Common Perspectives

Are you in search of a website that not only captivates but also excels with a stellar 90%+ score on Google Page Insights Metrics and outperforms in Core Web Vitals? Most digital marketing agencies and SEO experts believe that Core Web Vitals are the secret sauce for an exceptional user experience, encompassing loading speed, interactivity, and visual stability, ultimately resulting in improved search engine rankings. On the other hand, Google encourages site owners to master Core Web Vitals for an enhanced user journey.

Our perspective

While we acknowledge the importance of Core Web Vitals in enhancing SEO, we do not consider them as the sole star in the SEO constellation. Many websites may not meet the ideal standards, yet the impact on search results is frequently marginal or not readily apparent. We firmly believe that prioritising quality content takes precedence over hastily meeting Core Web Vitals requirements. Through our extensive testing, we have observed that passing or failing to meet these standards does not lead to a drastic alteration in search rankings. It is crucial to dispel the misconception that achieving high Core Web Vitals scores will automatically translate into a substantial boost in revenue. We also recognise that not every business relies solely on organic traffic for success.

Strategies and Considerations

Balancing Google's Preferences with Your Brand's Unique Identity

You may not be sold on our Core Web Vitals stance and may hold a different perspective. Your SEO or marketing team might be singing a different tune, and we do respect diverse opinions. If you are still chasing high Google Page Insights scores or if your SEO team recommends your site to score high on Google Page Insights, this section is tailor-made for you.

It’s not just web developers and designers shaping web performance. Website owners and decision-makers wield significant influence on the performance of a website. From content decisions to advertising strategies, these choices impact website performance and ultimately Google Page Insights score. So, embarking on the journey to high Google Page Insights scores requires understanding what Google likes and what they don’t. If you want to satisfy Google, you may need to compromise your needs and desires. Here is an example:

Imagine bidding farewell to your beloved interactive sliders; they’re like the class clowns of the website world, making everyone laugh, but sadly, Google Page Insights and Google Core Web Vitals don’t appreciate their humor. Then there are the high-resolution video testimonials, once stars of your webpage, now reduced to mere pixelated memories, as indicated by Google Page Insights reports. Some of Google’s Page Insights scoring factors may seem illogical, like flagging words such as “Learn More” or “Click Here” on website buttons. Keep in mind, if you choose to dance to Google’s tune, compromises may be inevitable.

The bottom line is, satisfying Google’s hunger requires a lot of sowing, fertilizing, pruning, and cutting. But here is the good news: we have mastered the art of producing extremely high-scoring websites and redesigning old relics to perform better, look better, and score better on Google Page Insights with minimum compromises.

We should also highlight; we have no doubt that passing Google Page Insights and scoring high on Core Web Vitals will render an overall stellar user experience for your website visitors for sure.

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Passing Google Page Insights and excelling in Core Web Vitals will ensure an outstanding user experience for your website visitors. If you’re here because you want your website to be exceptional, secure, highly interactive, appealing across various devices, and ultimately provide a stellar user experience, then our service is tailored for you.

You may be seeking:

  • Seamless Accessibility
  • Captivating Glamour
  • Easy Maintenance
  • Swift Loading Speed
  • Mobile Responsiveness
  • Preserving Existing SEO with the Redesign
  • Core Web Vitals Compliance
  • Optimal SEO
  • Best Practices Across the Site
  • Advanced Caching
  • Traffic Load Balancing
  • Smart Traffic Routing
  • Active Firewall for Security
  • Future-Proofing
  • Bad Bot Mitigation
  • Automated Backups
  • Effortless Data Recovery

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