Do you want to extend the functionalities of your existing website, theme or plugin? We value your unique requirements and needs. Our expertise on plugin architecture allows us to customize your plugin or theme to fit to your business needs. We believe that every business is unique and has distinctive business needs. We value your business by understanding your business situation and goals. We shape and develop your website and application according to your unique requirements.

You may find many web development companies and developers who are able to customize a plugin or a theme to your exact requirement but what happens after updating your theme or plugin? Will the customization still be there? What most developers do is to customize the plugins’ main files itself and ask you not to update the plugin. The consequences are devastating. Out dated plugins and themes will have security vulnerability on your site.

Living Dreams Web Development Solutions follow a complete different path when customizing WordPress themes and plugins. We follow an approach that has been recognized as the correct method for theme and plugin customization around the world. We preserve the functionality where you could still update the plugins and themes without losing the codes

Our developers have great experience on PHP, JQuery, JavaScript, HTML, CSS and Ajax. We have done numerous plugin customizations and theme customizations projects from very small to large and made themes and plugins to behave in a way that client wants it.

Lay down all your concerns and apprehensions and let us do the work because here in Living Dreams, we make things happen.


We offer our service to clients in Tannum Sands, Boyne Island and Gladstone Region.