We work around the clock to develop both simple and complex CMS based websites with impressive features and functionalities such as:

Our web development services works hand in hand with you to ensure that we come up with a website that is inclined towards your preferences and that of your audience.

With our very experienced team, we create state-of-the-art websites which cater for all your needs. In our website development process, we go beyond the web pages based on first generation HTML to come up with a very interactive site. We offer the design of new websites and also assist you redesign your old website.

Our web solution provides great loading speeds, easy content administration and extensible functionality which allows for changes and modifications. At the end of each development process, be sure of the following: sophisticated, attractive, optimized, well-organized and simple website.

We have very proficient developers with extensive hands on experience on web development technologies, UI and also programming languages for instance CSS, JavaScript, JQuery and HTML. Websites that are created by us are very versatile and are cross-browser tested.

With the development of technology across the globe, many people are resorting to mobile phones for web navigation. It is very vital therefore that a site is created in such a way that it is mobile responsive. Living Dreams Web Development Solutions is the place to go to for such services. We not only create the website but also test-drive it through a number of mobile testing platforms to ensure that it is fully mobile responsive.

We have developed more than 150 websites inclusive of simple static one page websites to more complex CMS based web applications with very impressive features such as SEO friendliness and an appealing look just to mention but a few.

Work with us and see your business thrive. Click here to contact us or go to our home page to read more about our services.


We offer our service to clients in Tannum Sands, Boyne Island and Gladstone Region.