5 deadly Mistakes to Avoid During Woocommerce Platform Migration

5 deadly Mistakes to Avoid During Woocommerce Platform Migration

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5 deadly mistakes to avoid during ecommerce platform migration

Today’s E-commerce is highly complex and continuously evolving. Entrepreneurs have to constantly update their current platforms to suit current online trends. An E-commerce platform that generated sales in previous years may not be as productive today. E-commerce platform migration is most frequently an option among entrepreneurs. Conversely, migrating from one platform to another is a critical and challenging process.

Migrating to a new platform for better performance can dramatically affect SEO ranking, daily visitor count, traffic and most importantly the revenue of the company.  Of course, you can’t just delete all your hard work due to this vital decision. Fortunately, Living Dream Web Development Solutions Australia can help you with this high risk and crucial process.

If you are planning to change your current website platform, we highly recommend that you read the list of critical mistakes that you should avoid.


 Mistake No.1: Not Planning Enough

Moving from one E-commerce platform to another do not only affect your SEO ranking or traffic, but it impacts the whole operation of your business. Your employees and your customers are equally affected during this transition process. Hence, not having a complete and strategic plan can jeopardize everything. A business plan that covers the entire process involved in the E-commerce platform migration should be carefully mapped out. Everything should be included in the planning such as process emails, setting up metrics, organizing and migrating catalog, product data, deep analytic capabilities, data mining solutions, price optimization, dynamic pricing, promotion and campaign optimization on a global scale, training and development of your staff members and more.  Your business plan should also include an analysis of the systems to be kept and improved from the previous platform.


Mistake No. 2: Not working with a Professional Web Development Company

Decreased sales is one of the most painful effect of website migration. This scenario can be devastating, but can be avoided only if e-commerce website owners choose to work with a trusted web development company with a proven track record. Keep in mind that not all web development providers can restore SEO ranking, Google authority, daily visitor count, traffic and profit. Consequently, make sure that you only work with a company who will not leave you empty handed with zero sales after your website platform migration.


Mistake No. 3 Going Live without validation and testing

The set-up, framework, plugins, customized codes and over all functionality of the new WooCommerce website should be extensively validated and tested before going live.


Mistake No. 4: Not seeking SEO Help from Professionals.

Search Engine Optimization is highly important for e-commerce. As mentioned previously, SEO performance is critical during website migration. Lots of e-commerce websites who opted to do their SEO overhaul after launching the new site have already damaged their previous SEO ranking. For that reason, hiring an SEO expert to help retain important number of links attributed to the site during the migration process is a smart and strategic step.


Mistake No. 5: Forgetting to inform your Customers

Alerting your customers is key to a successful e-commerce platform migration. You worked hard to build a long term relationship with your customers. They love your products and services. They are also familiar with your website functionalities. But, now you are moving to a new platform and you have to bring them with you. How will you do that? It’s actually very simple, you have to inform your customers prior to launching your new website. Let your customers know about your plan and your purpose for moving. Let them know about the advantages and the benefits they can gain from your new platform. Your marketing department should really work hard and be creative enough in this process.

Living Dream Web Development Solutions Australia can handle all the headache during your migration. We will handle everything from the design, development, and maintenance services. We will manage your e-commerce platform migration so that you can take good care of the more important aspects of your business. Our top notch website development team will ensure that your new WooCommerce website covers the most important functions and features of your original online store. Our team will guarantee that you will keep and further enhance your SEO ranking, traffic, and daily visitors to increase sales.

We have a proven track record with E-commerce development and our customers are satisfied with our work. Our technical expertise in E-commerce designing has already helped thousands of companies reach their highest potential.