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Understanding Google’s View Of Your Website. A website standing in the grand Google scheme of things

1. Understanding Google’s View of Your Website

First off, you’re probably wondering where your website stands in the grand Google scheme of things. And hey, who isn’t a little curious about what the competition is up to? Well, we’ve got just the thing for you! Click the button below find out what Google thinks about your website and your competitors’ sites.

Let’s see what secrets your website is hiding and how it measures up to the rest of the digital neighborhood.

2. Website Transformation: Novice to Pro

See that current score of your website? And guess what? Your competitors are probably in the same boat. But here’s the exciting part – Imagine being the one to break away from the pack, your website zooming towards high scores and stellar performance. That’s not just progress – that’s a transformation!

Your Website Now


3. The Outcome of This Transformation

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Accessibility Compliance

This refers to the design and creation of websites that are accessible to all users, including those with disabilities. Accessibility compliance ensures that people with disabilities can perceive, understand, navigate, and interact with the web.

Swift Loading

Also known as Largest Contentful Paint (LCP), this metric measures the loading performance of a webpage. It marks the point in the page load timeline when the page’s main content has likely loaded. A good LCP score is 2.5 seconds or faster.


This is quantified by First Input Delay (FID), which measures the time from when a user first interacts with your site (i.e., when they click a link, tap a button, or use a custom, JavaScript-powered control) to the time when the browser is able to respond to that interaction. A good FID score is less than 100 milliseconds


This term is not a standard part of Google’s Core Web Vitals. However, in the context of a website, it refer to the visual appeal and aesthetics of the site, including its design, layout, images, and color scheme.

Best Practices

This refers to a set of standards or guidelines considered to be the most efficient and effective way to achieve a particular objective. In the context of web development, best practices often include strategies for optimizing site performance, improving accessibility, and ensuring the site is secure and user-friendly.

4. Essential Services Business In Gladstone? This One’s for You!

Are you a beacon in the essential services sector? Perhaps you’re in medical services, legal aid, education, or childcare support? If so, prepare to be tickled pink! This service is going to benefit you more than a koala loves eucalyptus. In a nutshell, websites associated with essential services are expected to meet certain web accessibility guidelines according to The Centre for Accessibility Australia. Meeting Google’s accessibility standards covers a majority of these accessibility requirements.

If all this sounds as confusing as a kangaroo in a tuxedo, don’t worry! We invite you to click the button below to watch a video that will clear the fog. Please note that the video is only 4 minutes long, and we have disabled the player controls to prevent cherry picking. And if you’re the type who loves to dive deeper, click the button that says “Deep Dive Into Accessibility Insights” which will give you all the information about what the law expects and how you can comply with those in a cost-effective way.


5. Get to Know the Locals

You may be wondering who we are and what we are capable of. Well, we are from Tannum Sands, a family-owned Ecommerce Website Development Business that has been in operation for over 14 years. Yes, we are new to Gladstone. We have served clients from the UK, USA, Canada, and all over Australia. 

Click the ‘About Us’ link to read more about us, and you can find plenty of reviews on our homepage. If you want something more reassuring  than the reviews on our website, just Google ‘Living Dreams Web Development Solutions’, and you will find our Google Business profile with plenty of 5-star reviews.

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Elevate Your Website with Our Comprehensive Redesign Service

Passing Google Page Insights and excelling in Core Web Vitals will ensure an outstanding user experience for your website visitors. If you’re here because you want your website to be exceptional, secure, highly interactive, appealing across various devices, and ultimately provide a stellar user experience for all users regardless of their ability, then our service is tailored for you.

You may be seeking:

  • Seamless Accessibility
  • Captivating Glamour
  • Easy Maintenance
  • Swift Loading Speed
  • Mobile Responsiveness
  • Preserving Existing SEO with the Redesign
  • Core Web Vitals Compliance
  • Optimal SEO
  • Best Practices Across the Site
  • Advanced Caching*
  • Traffic Load Balancing*
  • Smart Traffic Routing*
  • Firewall for Security*
  • Future-Proofing
  • Bad Bot Mitigation*
  • Automated Backups*
  • Easy Data Recovery*

Services indicated with * are additional offerings that incur extra charges.

Fill out the form, share your objectives for this website makeover, and we’ll provide you with a detailed quote, breaking down the implementation of each of your requirements.

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