Announcing the Gladstone LGA

Small Business Website Giveaway Freebie Raffle Extravaganza!

At Living Dreams Web Development Solutions, we believe in turning dreams into reality, and what better way to do it than by offering you the chance to win a professionally crafted website worth $1800 – $3000! Get ready for an adventure that’s about to revolutionize your business! Picture this: Every Summer and Autumn, two lucky businesses in Gladstone LGA will win a website transformation. With each seasonal shift, we select one winner for Summer and one for Autumn. It’s your chance to experience a stunning website makeover like no other

The Grand Prize Delight

If you win, you'll receive:

Stunning Website

A visually captivating 4-page website with sleek, modern design.

Mobile Magic

Your website will look fantastic on any device, big or small.

Enchanting Animations

Engaging loading effects and animations that add charm.

Glowing Reviews

Showcase your satisfied clients with a brilliant reviews section.

Social Media Savvy

Easily share your site across social platforms.

Search Engine Boost

Ensure your site shines on search engine results.

Expert Development

We'll build your website using the best methods.

Easy Contact

A user-friendly contact form with an automated thank-you message.

Click to Call

A click-to-call feature for easy communication with your potential customers.

Easy Maintenance

A helpful instruction manual for maintaining your website's health.

Priceless Insights

Valuable advice to supercharge your online presence.

Join the Journey of Integrity Support Discovery

Please share this post with everyone you know, whether you meet the criteria or not! Your support not only lifts up fellow entrepreneurs but also fills our hearts with gratitude. Join in spreading the love, and let’s embark on this exciting journey together!

We believe in the integrity of our local community. Please note that we won’t be conducting any deep investigations to verify the accuracy of your business size or employee count. Instead, we’ll simply perform a quick ABN check and accept your answer in good faith.

We trust our local community’s ethical values, and we’re excited to support your business journey with this exceptional opportunity!

Wondering about the true value of this exceptional package, with an estimated worth ranging from $1800 to $3000? Click here to learn about our pricing for projects.

Drawing the Lucky Winner

We’ve got an exciting plan to determine the winners! We will be using Wheel of Names to pick the lucky recipients. Not only that, we’ll also capture the moment by posting a video of the winner on Facebook and on our promotional web page. But here’s a unique twist – if anyone offers us the chance to select the winner at a local bar or restaurant, we’re all for it! We’ll happily write down the names of participating businesses and bring the excitement to a location around Gladstone or Tannum Sands. The Tannum Surf Club or Tannum Hotel would be ideal for this interactive experience. If you’re keen on this idea, please send us a message and let us know.

Remember, all those who enter into the draw are required to read the details page as it contains valuable information about what information we need from you in order to develop a website for you.

Once you’re chosen as a winner, you’ll have two weeks to provide us with the necessary information. Please note that this timeframe is set in stone and can’t be extended for love or money.

We can’t contain our excitement about this incredible opportunity for our local community, and we’re confident it’ll help your businesses shine online like never before!

For more information and to embark on this extraordinary journey, click the below button.