So, you have finally come to a decision that your business needs a website. Or perhaps, you want your already existing website to be upgraded. Well, this is no rocket science. We will provide you with a layout of how little effort and money you can spend on this new adventure of business advancement. The power to make it a success lies only within you. For a beginner, you might not have a clue of what is entailed in the process of making a website. However, you should note that for the best website, you have to be very patient and detailed oriented. The process is gradual, and you have to be very attentive as you will not have a website overnight. The following lessons apply even to those that have had websites before.


We are readily available to work on your website. We do this on a daily basis, so you as the client needs to prepare to walk through this journey that is estranged to you. However, not to say that we know it all, we always learn as we advance our skills as we work with new clients often. You need to be aware of what is most useful for your website, just as you prepare a shopping list before you go shopping. As much as we are responsible enough to ascertain that we deliver your interests, you deserve a website that is worth every bit of your money. Being prepared gives you a chance to ensure that you get your job done to satisfaction.


To avoid a lot of questions and get more involved in the designing of your website, you need to approach us as prepared as you can. This will save a lot on time going back and forth trying to figure out what you require for your website. Think of it in the lines that, our job is to give exactly what you ask from us. Failure to understand what you want will make it quite difficult for us to produce perfect results. Engage us in your business, likes and dislikes, if you are selling items on your website, let us know what they are and how many they are and the services you provide, for instance, shipping. It is our responsibility to ask you all the questions for a desirable result. Take a scenario that you approached us wanting a website. We tell you, yes; we will make it happen. Won’t you ask us how that will happen, knowing we are not aware of what you are into as a business or a corporation? Being prepared will provide us with an easy task designing and creating your website, not leaving out important information that you need on the site. Both of us will end up with happy results. Developing a website is not as easy as an overnight task. It requires a lot of input from the website’s owner and our team so as to display the exact intention of the site. It is more than you can imagine and for a successful website, you need to be very prepared.


1. Why are you setting up a website?

Knowing what your website is about helping a great deal to you and your visitors. They will be able to discover what your focus is about. Are you informing people about your business? Do you want them to get involved in your business? Are you selling products on your website? Do you want to show your creativity to people?

2. Incisive research is mandatory

Find out what other websites in your field have that make their websites interesting and take notes of what you love. Do you want that for your website?

3. Be wise as you decide on your domain

The domain name that you pick says a lot about your website. Having a simple and right to the point name makes it easy for visitors to know what your website is all about. Your domain name also plays a significant role in describing your website. Incorporate the role of your website in your domain name.

4. It is your responsibility to decide on the outlook and layout

After a lot of research, you have an idea of the website design that you find most suited for you. List down what you like about the websites that you have found suitable. You can even have a sketch of the outlook so that you can realize ideas that you would like to incorporate on your website.

5. You are required to have a plan of your website pages and content

Your website should be able to tell visitors what you are about. They should also want to stay on the website and learn more about you. You can only achieve this by keeping them engaged and interested with compelling content. You do not have to have a lot of pages; just keep it short, simple and exciting. This way you will capture the visitors’ attention. However, do not miss the point of your website. If your website involves selling products, images and incisive descriptions will do you a lot of good.

6. Images for your website should be readily available

Get professional photographers if you are planning to have your own images. They will provide you with high-quality photographs which are relevant for your website. Failure to which, you will end up with an ugly internet site. If you are getting your images from the internet, find out where to buy the best from Google. High-quality images give a good look to your website and ultimately, more conversions.

7. Does your website have a logo?

A logo makes you own a brand that is recognizable. If you do not know how to make it, find out how. If you want one to be created for you, show a clear objective.

8. How well do you manage your time?

If you have not set a time limit for the creation of your website, it may take ages to complete the process of creating one. You should have results on different milestones periodically. When you do this, you will not have to be overwhelmed with different tasks at once.